Launched a site, released a game, and made another game!

15 Oct

Oh yeah! Quick update as I don’t have much time. I recently (this year) launched my pet project EpicLemming, begun working on my next game, a top-down arena shooter, and other stuff that slips my mind at the moment.

Happy belated new year :D

11 Jan

Hey guys, in absence of posts, happy new year! Bo’s Blast is now up on FGL and I am on game making hiatus.

Game up for bidding!

20 Dec

I posted the game on FGL. Let’s see if anybody wants it 😛

Woops :P

14 Dec

I just realized the game winning screen isn’t finished in any manner. My mistake.

Almost there!

10 Dec

Hey guys, I’m almost done with the game! All that is left is to add the sound track and some reloading sounds. Then I will put it up for bidding!

Speed freak is featured on :)

30 Nov

Test my game!

28 Nov
It just needs some sounds and music, and it’s almost done!
Feel free to give me feedback below 🙂

A post? What?

19 Nov

Since I haven’t posted in a while do to business, I will dump this here.

Gameplay footage :D

7 Nov

Quick Update!

5 Nov

Hey, just letting you guys know that I have everything except sounds, enemy waves, and the ending scenes! Yep, it’s that time of the game making process where EVERYTHING slows down and you feel like you aren’t doing anything! Yay!